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Puppy Nipping: Normal & Not Personal Pt.2

In my last post, I talked about how to get proactive to help yourself and your puppy get through the nipping stage that ALL puppies go through.

This stage in a pups life is a very short one but getting through it can tax even the most patient person so setting yourself up for success just makes sense and involves preparation and patience.

In this post, I’m going to give you another tip to help you with puppy nipping. If you practice this small but significant change in tandem with my practical suggestions, you’ll be home free through the nipping stage.

What is that change?

#2 Check your EGO!

I’m not talking about your your loud ego but the small and quiet one; That part of you that you don’t even realize is actually your ego talking. It can talk allot in our day and it can certainly rise up with our puppies. Doubt me?

Have you lost patience and hit your puppy or put your puppy back in his crate, roughly?
Have you yelled at your puppy when the nipping got too hard and physically hurtful?
Have you gotten angry because the puppy seems to bite you more than anyone else?
Have you cried because your puppy doesn’t’ seem to realize you’ve had a long day and you don’t like the nipping?
Have you resented your puppy, on one occasion, just a little bit?

That was your ego!

You’re having that feeling because on some level, be it a very small one, you’re making the nipping about you:

She’s doing this on purpose or
Why me? I feed you and play with you and walk you etc.

Its not about you!

What it IS is a puppy learning and exploring and trying to engage with you.  Let go of ideas that her nipping is about YOU  because dogs don’t carry personal agendas towards humans.  I guarantee you that if I was there, your puppy would be nipping me. I’ve experienced the pain of nipping and the lack of patience it can generate but I know getting angry isn’t fair to the dog.  When I felt my patience waining or when I wasn’t up for long play periods, I made sure I was prepared or had my husband spell me off for a break.

Remember, that lovely puppy your falling in love with is falling in love with you too.  She doesn’t’ mean to hurt you and she isn’t singling you out.  She wants to engage the only way she knows how and sometimes that includes her mouth.

Puppyhood is over so quickly. Be prepared and be proactive! Consider my tips to keep her mouth busy and help yourself enjoy your puppy.

Have you got other tips to get through the nipping period of puppyhood? Let me know in the comments below.


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