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Welcome to Take the Lead Dog Training

I can help you solve those behavior problems that are causing life with your dog to be challenging or frustrating or embarrassing…or all 3.

~How much is this going to cost me?
~Do you come to my home or do I come to you?
~Is a class setting an option or a Board & Train program or 1 on1 privates?

The answer is:

I have several options to suite your lifestyle, your training goals and your pocket book.

Regardless of what service you choose, I can guarantee that you will learn new training skills that will change the way you interact with your dog. This will result in more enjoyment with your dog because problems behaviors are eliminated or on their way to being eliminated.  If you choose to do nothing, the behavior won’t stop and it may get worse.

How long does it take?

Training basic dog obedience or ‘life skills’ doesn’t take long at all. Of course you must continue to implement what I teach you and your dog or obedience skills will not be performed when you ask for them. As for more serious behavior problems (aggression, barking, jumping up, nipping people), behavior that is motivated by an emotion, those can take longer to change but they can change.

There is no magic wand or mystical ‘whispering’ in dog training: its behavior.

You can teach your dog new behaviors and no ‘whispering’ is required.  All you need is a desire to make change happen using kindness and patience and methods that tell the dog what you want him to do as opposed to training approaches that are intended to stop behavior through fear, pain and/or intimidation. The latter of which ruins trust and often doesn’t provide lasting results.

Call and tell me the behavior problems you’re experiencing and I can tell you how I can help you.   250.808.4122.  10mins of your time and its FREE! 

If you prefer you can email me.

You are welcome to continue through the site to find out more about me, Catherine Adams and my training Philosophy. You can sign up for a quarterly newsletter at the top of the page. It contains a training tip, news on classes and events I offer and training information.   Some clients have taken the time to write a Testimonial if you wish to see their experiences working with me.

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“We really enjoyed the positive approach that Catherine has
when it
comes to training and it is always fun to be in class!
We look forward to more training with her and our two dogs.
~ Kelsa, West Kelowna