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I have two beautiful pups that for completely opposite reasons I am not confident in taking out too far – one reactive to other dogs and people and the other much too social.  So I contacted Catherine! We met, she created a plan and WOW we were on our way to a much more stable space.

My work with Catherine has been equally great for the pups as it has for the humans in the household.  Small steps, lots of praise, high reward, affection and always watch how each pup reacts and interacts with your teaching moments.  I have learned to work training into everyday living. Practice, practice and to ALWAYS follow through even if it is freezing out and COME just does not seem to be working… I continue to learn and admit to many setbacks and often not following through or allowing behavior that is not what I want but – Catherine is bang on that training is for life with your pups and daily we learn, they learn, and together we become a better unit through our work. 

I would highly recommend Catherine to all canine owners out there – they are amazing and with a little help from Catherine, we too can be amazing with them.
~ Brigitte, West Kelowna

“Needless to say everything we have been working towards is making a difference and I am feeling more confident how I deal with both the pups and managing behaviour and supporting their needs more proactively. I am so grateful to have met you and work through this stuff! I feel like we could progress leaps and bounds over the next few months.
~Kyla, West Kelowna, 

Just wanted to send you a note and a picture of Meeka. She is been the sweetest most behaved dog I could ask for. Thanks for all your work with her.
~Deb, West kelowna

“I am so grateful for your last visit. Somehow you restored the bond between XXX and I. ….I respect his needs and read his body language – I do constant ‘inner check-ins’ and notice if I feel fear or any other disturbance. XXX keeps me self-aware and in that, I am becoming a healthier person. He and I have a nice bond, he comes to me for play and affection much more now. I continue to apply all that you taught us….I really can’t imagine where we would be had we not met you. It’s been a privilege to learn from you. Today we went for a walk and he walked calmly beside us coming home. Remarkable compared to who he was before your first visit when we had no control whatsoever walking him.
Thank you sincerely.
~L., West Kelowna

“This class was great.  Our dogs behavior and our ability to train improved dramatically since the start.”
~Mike D.  Penticton, Polite Dog Class  

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“Catherine made it so easy to learn and any baby step in the right direction was hugely praised. I learned so much taking this class and can now feel comfortable in most situations with a reactive dog. If you have a dog with reactivity issues, this class is for you. It has helped me with being a more confident leader for my dog as well as any fosters that I bring into my care.”
~Nicole, Penticton.  Positive Transformation Class

“I contacted Catherine in early 2015 because my dog, Dolly, sweet in every other way, had developed a really problematic tendency to get excited and growly and snarly when she encountered other dogs when she was on the leash. From the first moment I met Catherine, I knew how very competent she is.  I liked her calm and patient demeanour instantly, and I could tell that she was exceptionally knowledgeable about dogs.

…. I saw how knowledgeable and professional Catherine is. It was really reassuring and rewarding to have her work with us, giving me guidance in the moment. Her focus is on empowering her client to feel as if she understands how to manage and gently change behaviour, which worked for me! She understands the importance of the bond between dog and human, and is interested in working in ways that preserve that.

Altogether, my experience with Catherine was nothing but positive, and I highly, highly recommend her as a behaviour expert who is sensitive to your relationships with these most important beings.”
~Ilya, Kelowna.  

“Catherine donated her time to Sit Pretty Pit for our foster dog last year. She helped us help him deal with being calm around other dogs. We went from having a dog on day one that could not relax during the entire class, to having a dog that could get through a whole class without so much as acknowledging the other dogs in the class. Catherine always made herself available to answer questions about our homework assignments, or any other random questions we had. She has continued to offer support months later as we continue on a daily basis to apply the techniques she taught us. I highly recommend Take the Lead dog training if you want a fun, safe environment to help your dog through any issues they might have.”
~Aaron Moreira, Kelowna

I like how the class size was so small, and that you were willing to stay after class to answer questions and give pointers. I like your positive method of training (no choke chains etc…)
Lisa, Kelowna