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No ‘dog whispering’. Just train the dog!

We all know about the idea that a select few just ‘have it ‘ with dogs.  A ‘special way’, ‘dog whisperer’ and on it goes.

Don’t sell yourself short because the truth is, everyone can train dogs, but it just might be a trainers style (you), their nuances, that stands out more than others.

Every trainer and every dog guardian connects differently with dogs and so it goes that the way the training is applied, will vary with each.  I hear it often; “Oh she does this only for you.” “How do you get that? We can’t”. There is no magic on my part or on any good trainer’s part but just a personal style and for me, its always with a ‘do no harm’ approach.

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In dog training, its a matter of how the training is applied, your timing, your patience level and your personal expectations.

Want to be a better teacher for your dog? Slow down and listen to your dog.

The biggest mistake I see in dog training is expectations that are too high resulting in frustrated guardians and confused dogs.   You must remove your own agenda and lower your expectations and always work at the dogs level with an attitude of wanting to help your dog succeed.

What does that look like?

If your dog is ‘failing’ to understand what you want him to do, you’ve gone too far. You’ve asked too much of him. You’re the teacher for your dog so its on you to adjust yourself, your style, your timing, your criteria, etc., to HELP your dog succeed.  Just like its my job to help clients understand the training and to implement the training. If need be, call in help from a positive method trainer (+R) but the best tip I can give has just been said:

lower your expectation.

Start where your dog is successful and build slowly from there.  On the most basic level, look at what you’re doing and if it isn’t working over and over then stop and make a change.

Keep it fun and don’t blame the dog!



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