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I’m Catherine Adams and I help people make change in their dog’s behavior and reach their dog training goals.  In addition to training your dog and coaching you, when you work with me:

You’ll get results
You’ll know more about your dog and how he learns
You’ll experience more enjoyment with your pooch
You’ll feel more empowered to handle those problem situations that you previously avoided
You’ll know how to train your dog and that can only mean more fun and happier experiences
Dogs ‘do’ what works for them.

Unfortunately, some of those behaviors they choose don’t always work for us. So we work to make change and better behaved dogs.  I teach a ‘do no harm’ approach training method and philosophy.

I’ve been a guardian to several dogs in my lifetime and they’ve all had a hand in increasing my dog knowledge and enhancing my dog ‘experience’. These are 2 dogs that were around when I started my venture into dog day care in 2003 and now live in spirit with me.
Dog trainer Catherine Adams

Sadie Mae & Catherine Adams

Sadie Mae was insecure and fearful but she had a sweet temperament when she was comfortable. Miss Sadie Mae (my 3rd Doberman) taught me how to apply empathy, patience and calmness to dog training, how to advocate for her and how to live with a fearful dog. Miss Mae’s behavior issues sent me on a new path of training methods that built trust between us.  She elevated my skills, knowledge and compassion for animals to a whole new level.  She has been my greatest teacher to date. Her influence on me in my training beliefs, my style and method of training is profound and will be her legacy.

Doberman Dog training in Kelowna Okanagan

Quinn 2000~2012


Quinn taught me forgiveness: how to let go and move on and gave me a deeper understanding of the subtleties of canine communication. Quinn was my confident teacher who worked well with all dogs. He could quickly put a teenage dog in his place without harm and forgive and engage that same dog moments later.  He was my partner in business (dog day care) and my 1st real teacher in dog behavior.  Watching him work was better training than reading a dog behaivor book.  He is missed!


-Life time dog guardian and enthusiast
-Owner/Operator Paws to Play, Day Centre for Dogs (Cloverdale) – 7 yrs+ ’03-’11
-over 19,000 hrs (as of 2017) working hands on with hundreds of dogs of various breeds and personalities
-Guardian to a ‘reactive’  Doberman, 2006 – 2016
-Past member of the BC Doberman Pinscher Club
-2 yrs facilitating the Doberman Rescue arm of the BCDPC

-Past Volunteer Dog trainer for the Shake-A-Paw training program
-Past Volunteer at the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) as “Red collar” dog walker (dogs with behavioral issues)

-Past member of the Forbidden Plateau Obedience and Tracking Club (Courtenay)

The learning never stops.  I continue to read, participate in webcasts, attend live seminars, watch various training/teaching cds by other highly qualified trainers and take on line courses in an effort to stay current with the latest in training education.

2013-Coaching People to Train their Dogs Course 1 (Chicken Camp!)
2013-Training a Reactive Dog Class
2012-Dr. Sophia Yin
2008-Dr. Ian Dunbar Seminar:Dog Aggression: Biting and Fighting
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