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Good Dog training in and of itself, is an investment.

It’s an investment in yourself as a guardian and an investment in the life of your dog.
Problem behaviors can go on for years and can get progressively worse when the wrong approach is taken including doing nothing to ‘fix’ the problem behavior.

My services include:

Private 1/1, in-home Programs for adult dogs and for puppies 

Board & Train Service  Homestyle board and training

On-Line Coaching & Training . Coming Soon!!

Polite Dog Class Life skills for dogs 16 weeks and up

Positive Transformations Class  This specialty class is for dogs that reactive negatively in the presence of other dogs.  *No class until 2018

So how do I get started?

Dog training for Kelowna and Penticton

Dog training

For Private 1/1 Training, a consultation may be necessary if the behaviors you are seeking help to change are complex as most problem behaviors can be. Example: aggressively guarding food or space, jumping up, lunging/barking at dogs and/or people, fear, lack of impulse control, barking, leash pulling and more.   A consultation is not necessary for dogs 6 mos and under that are needing life skills training.
Please call 250.808.4122 or email Catherine if you are not sure. 

WHY a consultation?

The details I gather from the pre consult documents combined with the in person consultation, gives me deeper insight about your dog and the problem behaivors you’re experiencing.   I want to know your goals, any previous training to solve the problem behavior and the results.   I’ll follow the consult up with a written summary of how to start making change and handouts.

~Consultation is 1.5 hrs.
~Held at your home
~Training suggestions you can start implementing right away
~Includes a written summary with a training plan 

~Handouts via email

$147 (gst incl)