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Dog Training Philosophy

Take the Lead takes a ‘do no harm’ philosophy to train dogs

Positive reinforcement dog training in Kelowna

Kindness in dog training

Using the two theories by which dogs learn:

consequence (behavior)
association (emotion)

I take a proactive approach to dog training but not a permissive one.

Proactive includes setting the dog up for success but still allowing him to make a choice.  By allowing the dog to make a choice and then rewarding (reinforce) the right choice, the dog will learn faster than if we train by ‘correcting’ the dog when he’s ‘wrong’ (punish).

What is a ‘do no harm’ method?

*I will reward your dog when he gets it right.
*I will redirect or lower the expectation when he is struggling or gets it ‘wrong’
*I will help him achieve success by raising or lowering criteria and build behavior in small, successful steps
*I will customize all training to suite your dog using a do no harm method

I will NOT force your dog, physically or emotionally
I will NOT intimidate your dog to gain wanted behavior
I will NOT use an e-collar, prong collar or choke collar on your dog

My approach is an empathetic and patient one that teaches and builds trust.  All dog training is customized and I adjust each training plan to the individual dog but always with a ‘do no harm’ approach.

*There is no need to shock an animal to get it to comply to your wants and wishes.  Further, its a fallacy to say that ‘some’ dogs need shock. It is true that shock can be used as a positive reward however, shock is still shock regardless of the context that it is presented or whether its a ‘low’ shock.  Nothing is more motivating than pain or the anticipation of pain to come (intimidation or fear).  It works but is it humane?  That is something each guardian has to decide.  I believe it not to be and that dogs deserve better.

Mission Statement:

Take the Lead trains dogs using methods that result in respect at both ends of the leash.  Adapting a training method to each dog and their specific behavioral issues is vital to achieving success.  Take the Lead teaches and educates guardians about dog behavior and good training techniques that result in a happy dogs and satisfied guardians.

‘Guardian’ – defender, protector, or keeper 

We are asking dogs to live in our world: a human world.   As guardians, I believe that we show them how thats done by leading them and teaching them in a safe, non threatening manner. A good guardian instills trust with the intention that the dog will defer to him or her when in doubt.  ~ Catherine Adams